The POBIT gives you

the ability to quickly and easily stream any live event ~
professional quality audio and  video ~
control, enabling live events to be global, ticketed or secure ~
integrated multi-camera switching ~
viewer selectable camera angles.

Case Study Live Football: AGF, DENMARK

AGF is a Danish football club based in Aarhus, with a strong heritage dating back to 1880. This SuperLiga club has won the Danish League title five times, and the League Cup title nine times, making it one of Denmark’s most successful teams. AGF play their home fixtures at Ceres Park in Aarhus, which has a stadium capacity of over 19,000…..

The full Case Study can be found on our Sports page

Air tight, secure streaming.

You can trust our system to deliver the highest security when handling your data. With our POBIT technology you can be sure that your live stream will only be viewed by the people you choose.

HD Quality

Flawlessly stream HD video without
buffering, using any camera.

Completely Secure

Securely share your broadcast with
one person or the entire world.

Professional Audio

Fully compatible with pro
audio mixing desks.

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