For the first time, live internet broadcast at professional quality.

A full substitute for Outside Broadcast facilities.

Under complete real time control.

At remarkably low cost.

Over 300 broadcasts have been made in music, theatre, sports, orchestral, conference, and business.

With the ability to easily make money through ticket sales.

Easy breakeven with small audiences.


How It Works
What Does It Look Like?

I'll Be Damned
August 5 2014
Smukfest 2014

How Much Does It Cost?
Who's Using It?

"...completely bowled over by the quality of this new broadcast technology. The POBIT can revolutionise ticket sales and business models for theatres worldwide."

Paula Redway, Director of Theatr Brycheinog, March 2015

Revenue Calculator

How many tickets to you think you can sell for your live event?

You can sell tickets free through the Pobit Viewer app (currently called "SubCell"), and through all your social media activities.

Calcuate how quickly you can earn by calculating costs and revenues below.

  Target Audience
  Length of Event in minutes ;
  If selling tickets, ticket price £
The App

Browse through categories.


Select a live event to watch.


Buy a ticket through Google Play or iTunes.


Receive messages and reminders.


At the scheduled time, watch the event.

Get the App
Working with the POBIT

Support for professional standards.

Lightweight, portable but robust for performance environments.

No switches, just power up and connect to internet.

Complete online control.

Plug and play configurable to support
as many mikes and cameras as you require.

Completely faithfull to sound and video quality input.

POBIT Hub allows complete software control of broadcast.

Schedule, set ticket price, add marketing information.

POBIT owners provided with personal log-in.

Event is automatically promoted on POBIT View app ("SubCell").

Provides real-time marketing and performance feedback.


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